What To Do With Cashew Butter – Delicious Cashew Butter Recipes

Many people don’t realise what an amazingly versatile, creamy ingredient cashew butter is, hence why they ask the question “What to do with cashew butter?”. That is why we have compiled this list of yummy scrumptious recipes featuring cashew butter.


These 3 ingredient cashew butter cookies are the perfect mixture of nutty and creamy with a dash of a salty undertone. They go perfect with your favourite dairy free milk or a cup of herbal tea.

cashew butter cookies

Cashew Butter Sauce 

Cashew butter doesn’t just have to be for sweet treats, it can also be used in this amazing savoury sauce that goes perfectly over vegetables, pasta or noodles.

what to do with cashew butter


Cashew Butter and Banana Ice Cream

cashew butter ice cream

This super simple vegan ice cream will hit the spot every time. Smooth and sweet and luxurious; not to mention full of potassium and healthy fats.

Pumpkin Berry Cashew Butter Smoothie

A superfood filled smoothie that combines fall flavours with creamy cashew for a zesty, comforting drink.

cashew butter smoothie

Coconut Cashew Butter Bonbons

A crispy, creamy treat that is full of energy and easy to eat on the go!

what to do with cashew butter


The perfect post gym snack for cashew butter lovers! No baking or food processor needed for this one!

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